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NWA Benefits


The following are current benefits and services offered by National Writers Assn. and are subject to change at any time without notice. Write to NWA to inquire. The following codes apply when referring to particular services and/or benefits: (1) For beginning members; (2) For established or professional-level members; (3) Fee charged.


CONTRACTS/AGREEMENTS SUGGESTIONS. E-mail or send SASE and copy of your contract or agreement, and we will look it over. We are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice, however. If you need an attorney, we will suggest that and help you find one. 1,2.

VITAL INFORMATION. Advice on copyright, general contract information, plagiarism, libel, rights, etc. 1,2.

CONSULTATION ON MARKETING AND PROBLEM CONSULTATION. Professional consultation on any writing problem. Marketing recommendations for books, plays, short stories, articles, poetry, TV and movie scripts, and business/corporate articles/special projects. 1,2.


CONTESTS. Novel, Poetry Contest, Short Story Contest, Young Writer, and Articles/Essays Contest, David Raffelock Pulished Book Award, all sponsored by NWA. Cash prizes are awarded to top winners and certificates suitable for framing. Several book winners have been published. 1,2,3.

EDITING SERVICES. NWA can locate a competent editor for you, for copy or content editing. RR #50 1,2,3. (No charge to members for a copy of the literary services listing.)

MEMBER NETWORKING. NWA will help you find other writers/experts or persons with similar or complimentary talents and knowledge through AUTHORSHIP, or by (occasionally) referring one member to another. We will not give out a member’s name, address, and/or telephone number without prior permission, however. 1,2.



NWA RESEARCH REPORTS. See Report #1 or #3, INDEX TO WRITER RESEARCH REPORTS, for complete listing of more than 100 special reports of interest to writers. 1,2. NWA Members can request three research reprts at a time, which can be sent to you via e-mail or SASE.

CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS. Perceptive and fair reports on any publication, literary service, writing course, editor, or agent, to help you avoid the unscrupulous and incompetent. 1,2.

AUTHORSHIP MAGAZINE. The official NWA publication is published four times per year on-line and contains news of the literary and publishing world, marketing tips, how-to articles, business articles, advertising and business opportunities, member news, and reviews of resources available to writers. 1,2.

NWA NEWSLETTER. A monthly e-mail newsletter includes announcements, upcoming contests and conferences, and job opportunities.

SHOW WINDOW. A regular AUTHORSHIP feature is a marketplace for writers. Available for use by members desiring to advertise books, editing, collaboration, writer-related products & services, and typing/word-processing. 1,2.

NWA MARKET UPDATE. Included in the monthly newsletter sent to NWA Members. 1,2.


LITERARY AGENT LISTINGS. NWA does a periodic survey and compiles a list of reputable literary agents. RR #51. 1,2.

LITERARY SERVICE LISTINGS. NWA does a periodic survey and compiles a list of reputable literary, editing, and typing/word-processing services. RR #50. 1,2. (Those listed do charge for their services.)

JOBNET. Included in the monthly newsletter sent to NWA Members. 1,2.



BOOK AND AUDIO-VISUAL DISCOUNTS offered through the NWA Book store.


MINIMUS.BIZ. Offers a full supply of sample sized products for personal and travel use. Mention NWAF and receive discounted supplies plus earn a small affinity payment for the National Writers Association Foundation. Go to www.minimus.biz

PENNYWISE OFFICE SUPPLIES. Offers discounted supplies to NWA members. Go to www.penny-wise.com


DENTAL, VISION AND CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES. Available to members through AmeriPLAN and Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. Medical information may be obtained by contacting Leigh Max at maxgroup1@cs.com or Dental information by contacting Donna Ware at http://dlware.com

MEDICAL INSURANCE. Available for Colorado residents through Connest Health Exchange Colorado. Visit their website at: www.ConnectHealthExchangeColorado.com. Call the office if you do not have a brochure or contact Leigh Max at Maxgroup1@Comcast.net

Free quotes on health insurance are now available at www.GetInsured.com


NATIONAL WRITERS SCHOOL -- WRITING COURSES. NWA offers BEGINNING WRITING COURSE and THE PROFESSIONAL WRITING COURSE in SHORT FICTION or SHORT NONFICTION. Over the past half-century, hundreds of successful writers have been graduated from the NWA-sponsored writing courses. 1,2,3.



CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT: NWA offers local groups the opportunity to affiliate with the national body, to provide local/regional support and networking among the members. Chapters presently are scattered from Florida to Hawaii, north to Seattle, and south into Southern California, Texas, and in between. 1,2. (Must belong to the national body to be a chapter member; chapters levy their own nominal dues to meet local expenses.)

LEGISLATIVE WATCH. NWA regularly cooperates with other major writers’ groups to work for legislation that will benefit writers and to work against those measures that will hurt the writing industry. 1,2.


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